Romance pet peeves

I’m sure there’s a list somewhere on romance pet peeves. Think about:

  • wimpy heroines 
  • love triangles (ugh)
  • covers that have nothing to do with the story
  • etc

I’m just going to shout out mine; instalove! I can understand insta-lust, which is just fine, but I can’t stand it when 2 people who’ve just met instantly fall in love with each other (like in just 1 day). Mind you, I love shifter romance in which e.g. a werewolf goes ‘mine’ (yeah, one of my weaknesses), but in paranormal romance, I consider that a true mates thing. When I read contemporary romance, though, it’s an instant turn-off. Or maybe I’m just jaded and should believe in love at first sight?

What do you think? Do you have a romance pet peeve? If so, I’d love to hear about it. 

2018: resolutions like offline bliss

A new year means new resolutions for a lot of people. I do it a bit differently. I have a general sense of (continued) focus from a certain year. To give you a few examples:

  • Last year I promised to eat healthier. I rarely eat junk food, but I liked focusing on it more.
  • Another thing was to be more patient. Patience is not my virtue (still working on this 🙂 )


For 2018?

I have several things I will be focusing more on.

  1. First of all my writing. I will crank up my daily word count.
  2. I will continue eating more healthy, buy more organic food and
  3. I will pick up yoga again. Though yoga was a bit daunting. watching “yoga for beginners” youtube films and go like “umm… HOW is that for beginners” and feel like a failure after the first 5 minutes xd But, no giving up. I just went looking for better videos.

4. Offline bliss.

And last, but not least, I will try to be less dependent on my cell phone. Really, just think about it: how often a day do you take a peek at your phone? How am I going to do this? Simple, I’ll turn down the sound in the afternoons on the weekends (during my writing sprints I go offline both on my phone and laptop). I have been experimenting with this for a few days now and it works incredibly freeing. 

I guess a form of freedom = being offline

What’s your favorite fantasy genre?

Dear voracious reader!

I’m currently conducting a poll on fantasy genres. As you may have already read in my monthly newsletter, once a month I add/change free & 99c promo books to my promo landing page. This is a great free promo for writers, but also a great way for readers to come across new writers or maybe new books from writers they already know.

So, to determine which kind of books you guys appreciate most I’m having a poll on this subject. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a minute to fill in this poll

Thanks in advance!