2018: resolutions like offline bliss

A new year means new resolutions for a lot of people. I do it a bit differently. I have a general sense of (continued) focus from a certain year. To give you a few examples:

  • Last year I promised to eat healthier. I rarely eat junk food, but I liked focusing on it more.
  • Another thing was to be more patient. Patience is not my virtue (still working on this 🙂 )


For 2018?

I have several things I will be focusing more on.

  1. First of all my writing. I will crank up my daily word count.
  2. I will continue eating more healthy, buy more organic food and
  3. I will pick up yoga again. Though yoga was a bit daunting. watching “yoga for beginners” youtube films and go like “umm… HOW is that for beginners” and feel like a failure after the first 5 minutes xd But, no giving up. I just went looking for better videos.

4. Offline bliss.

And last, but not least, I will try to be less dependent on my cell phone. Really, just think about it: how often a day do you take a peek at your phone? How am I going to do this? Simple, I’ll turn down the sound in the afternoons on the weekends (during my writing sprints I go offline both on my phone and laptop). I have been experimenting with this for a few days now and it works incredibly freeing. 

I guess a form of freedom = being offline

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