Mythology: my fountain of inspiration

I have always loved a good story. As a kid, I loved fairytales and basically any story with a hero and villain. I remember on my birthday wearing a pink princes dress with a plastic sword around my waist. See, I didn’t want to be just a princes, I also wanted to be a hero. Sadly I never learned to wield a sword or any martial arts, but luckily I have my fictional heroines to draw from.

In my new urban paranormal series, I have strong female characters, which doesn’t always mean they are bad-ass and kick some ass (though most do) but they are strong-willed. A great source of inspiration to me is world mythology. Though the Mythos series takes place in modern times, the battles are ancient. Especially the war of the gods which is one of the subplots in the series. 

If you’ve read The Amazon and the Beast then you know it ended in a happily ever after, but as some readers already pointed out, it’s more of a happy for now. So, what can you expect for the second book in the series?

The second book is titled “Alpha and Helena” and features Kuno, Kellsey’s werewolf brother, and a (mostly) human. This time the Callahans will be visited by Norse gods.

Some interesting facts about Norse mythology:

  • There are nine worlds within the three realms of the Norse universe that flank a central cosmological tree, Yggdrasil.

  • What we call Norse mythology was of course actually a religion. It is still practiced today, named Asatru. In fact, the first pagan temple in 1,000 years is being built in Iceland, to be ready in 2017.
  • According to myth, Thor was actually a redhead.
  • Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were influenced by Norse mythology. Gandalf, for example, takes his appearance from the Norse supreme god Odin.

  • Tuesday is named after the Norse god Tyr: god of war, matters of law, and justice.

My favorite area of world mythology would be European. It’s a huge inspiration to me. So you will be seeing some Norse gods added to the Greek and Roman ones in Mythos #2. 

Want to jump right into the world of Mythos? Start with Mythos #1


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