Book covers: Before and After

Most people buy books with their eyes. At least, I do, unless I read about a book-or already know the author-and don’t particularly care about the cover. However, for a baby indie such as myself, it’s important to have a great, professional looking cover. For The amazon and the beast I had a cover from fiverr first which was fairly cheap (the more professional looking artists on fiverr were quite expensive which is only normal considering the quality). But then I stumbled upon a great facebook group for indies and saw other covers and was like… umm okay, my original cover just won’t do. At all.

I was lucky to come across Andrew Dobell’s Creative edge studios and had a new cover made. The end result was fantastic and I get a lot of positive feedback. Lesson: save up for a professional cover!

So, how did the cover for The Amazon and the Beast come to life?

First, I browsed the entire site of Creative edge, going for the pre-made covers since I didn’t have a huge budget for a cover. I saw plenty I loved and a few that would suit my heroine who is a kick-ass amazon in an urban fantasy/paranormal romance setting.

I got in contact with the cover artist and got a selection of a particular model I had in mind. Browsing through thousands of pictures I settled on the one below.

I also wanted the asylum the Callahans live in in the background as I plan to use the same background in every cover for this series.

Enter, a vintage building somewhere in the UK, which was great for my ‘asylum’. Since a knife plays a role in my story I wanted my heroine carrying one, so this was added to the cover as well.

The end result (in full pixels) is this pretty baby 🙂

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I’m working on a new cover for the next book in the Mythos series. If you have input, I’d love to hear it!

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