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There are two things as a-first time-indie author I knew I shouldn’t do myself.

  1. Editing. Always, always hire an editor. I have a great one I worked with previously and she finds mistakes I was sure of weren’t there (but of course they were).
  2. Book cover. I know there are writers who are skilled enough to design their own book covers (I’m not one of them).

So, today is about book covers within your budget. Where do you find a good book cover? The first thing I did is simply google ‘indie premade book covers’. I specifically searched the term ‘premade’ as these book covers are usually (not always) cheaper and for every budget.

So, here are a few sites I found very helpful. Of course, it depends on your budget and genre which one suits you.

  • The Book cover designer. They have a huge, I really mean huge, selection of pre-made covers. This is where I found Adrijus G.
  • Selfpub book covers: over 25,000 covers to choose from.
  • Premade book covers: Lots of choices again.
  • 99designs: I haven’t used this one and read about some great and not so great experiences about it. It probably depends on the designer you work with. They do offer a lot of options. Btw, for a starting indie without a huge budget for a cover, it’s not the cheapest choice. I included it anyway because it has a lot of book cover artists and choices.

My own book covers:

  • Rocking Book covers: This is Adrijus G’s site. I found the cover for Amber here. He has a wide selection of premade book covers but also makes custom-made covers. To be fair, the cover for Titanium was from a stock photo because I couldn’t find a YA cover with a guy on it the way I wanted anywhere. The way I wanted being ‘not seeing his face and no naked chest’. For the last installment in the Amber series, I plan on working with him again.
  • Creative edge studios: The cover for The Amazon and the Beast was made by Andrew Dobell. I stumbled upon him in a facebook group. I plan on working with him for the next installment in this series.

I hope you find this post somewhat helpful. Of course, there are many more great cover artists to choose from. I just wanted to give you a little selection to start from. If you know other great designers, just add them in the comments.

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    1. You deserve the credit!

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