Travelblog: Iceland

I am no friend of cold weather by any means. So it takes a lot to get me to take a vacation where I have to wear a thick coat and a fleece hat all the time. Then again, when you go to Iceland you don’t have a lot of choice. October in Mongolia meant that my ass almost froze off, so I was hoping that Iceland in April (2016) would be less bad. Btw, it was, but not by much, and only because in Mongolia I slept in a tent šŸ™‚ (that moment when you wake up in the middle of the night and the fire has gone and it’s -20!).

Ā Ā  We stayed at the Grand hotel Reykjavik which, as you can see, has a spectacular view. A few blocks from here there are several restaurants. The only negative is, that it’s not in the city centre, but the hotel provides a free shuttle service, so that’s not really a negative. Also, it’s only about a 15/20 minutes walk to the city centre.

Since we didn’t rent a car (which I wish we had), we used the hotel as the base to start our tours. We wanted to see a few things like the Golen circle and the Northern lights. It’s very easy to arrange these things online. You will be picked up at the hotel. And yes, those rumours about Iceland being very expensive are true! It’s even worse than Paris where you have to pay 5 euro’s for tea (I mean it’s basically just hot water, come on…).

So, the day we arrived at the airport there was a snow storm. Aargh. We booked a 5-day vacation and I feared we would be walking in the snow for those days. Luckily the snow stopped in a few hours and the days after that crisp sunshine almost every day. They have crazy weather over there, which is why I bought th is magnet.

Day 1 we booked the Golden circle tour. According to our guide, some parts of Game of Thrones were filmed here. They have the most amazing waterfalls in Iceland and we saw a few of them during this tour.

Another thing I learned was that, despite all the touristy merchandise, Iceland was NOT established by Vikings. On the contrary, it was established by mostly farmers sailing away from the Vikings.

So, so beautiful.

One of the things you have to try is this soup in bread. It is DELICIOUS. You can find this tiny place in the main street of Reykjavik. Must. Go. There.

If you travelled in Europe, you must have seen very old churches and cathedrals. Every big city has them. The thing in Iceland is, that they are of a complete different design. They have a more modern look, at least this one in Reykjavik does.

Ok, this was so cool and funny šŸ™‚ Singles put up their gloves and phone number for dating purposes.

We also took a tour for the famous geysers of course.

My only regret is that we couldn’t go to the Blue Lagoon. Apparently you have to book this weeks in advance. So do this before you leave!

Iceland is a beautiful country with very friendly people. If you want to make the most of it, just rent a car and go on your own tour. This way you have more time to enjoy the nature.

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