Beta readers and what to ask them.

So, on the first of March the editing of The Amazon and the Beast will start. I’m super excited about my first supernatural romance/urban fantasy novel. It will also be my first indie ebook so a whole new world is opening up for me with (seemingly) endless opportunities. One of the things my editor told me to do before I hand in my first draft is to send it to my beta readers. I had a fixed few beta readers, but I found I needed fresh new eyes. So, who best to ask than book bloggers I like reading reviews from. I specifically searched for bloggers who read my genre and who are good critiques, which of course is essential.

Then I thought about what to ask them?

Beta reading is much more than writing a review. It’s actually asking someone to stomp on your work šŸ™‚ Since I’m a very practical person, I looked for a good beta reading work sheet (which you can see below) and found one on Jamie Gold’s site. Of course, this is a huge list, so I asked them to just use it as a guideline, so they wouldn’t get the idea it’s ‘home work’.

Now all I have to do is finish my last two chapters and wait…


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