Travelblog: Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Gili Meno, Nusa Lembongan)

A few months ago I went to Indonesia with my sister and niece (and yes, I’m only now posting about it xd). It wasn’t my first time going to Asia, but it was my first time to Indonesia. Our vacation was an “island hopping” meaning we started out on Bali, then went to Lombok, Gili Meno and Nusa Lembongan. We booked this with tour operator Travelbird and everything was arranged just perfectly. All I can say about the experience is, wow! I can write a thousand words here, but it’s easier to just post pictures!

Let me start with the airport. I’ve been to many airports but this one was the most beautiful. When I asked our guide about it, he told me it was renewed two years ago because Obama came to visit Indonesia. He said he hoped Obama would come more often 🙂

One of the most incredible things in Indonesia are the trees. Well, nature in general actually. Everything has such a beautiful vibrant colour. Some trees have a cloth around them which indicates they are considered to be holy trees (as far as I understood our guide’s explanation, that is).

It kept amazing me how one minute you can be in a car and the next you can just stop on the side of the road to watch monkeys living in the wild. We also went to a monkey forest of course.

Another day another visit to a beautiful temple at the water on Bali.

So we had to get up really really early to spot dolphins… Totally worth it!   In case anybody is wondering, I’m the one on the left. That moment when you’re in an infinity pool staring into the ocean for the first time in your life. I believe this was on Nusa Lembongan.

And then there was the beauty of the tiny island Gili Meno.

On Lombok I had a ‘moment’ with a dog at the beach.That other moment when you are in Kuta, Indonesia but wearing a Hard Rock cafe Bangkok T-shirt and laughing about something which for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. It might have been the drunk Australian students who were doing karaoke.

I absolutely love tea.So when one of our excursions was to an organic tea farm I did a “Yaay”! The farm was one of the places where they also sell Luwak coffee, which you may have heard of as it is the most expensive coffee in the world. It’s kind of made out of the poo of cat-like creature. Since I’m one of those people who don’t like coffee (yes, we do exist) I didn’t try the luwak coffee. Sadly, neither was my niece willing to. I did try and buy tea though.

And last, but not least, one of the many HATI HATI signs I came across 🙂 Apparently it means something like danger/beware.

One of the things I like most about my travels is that it gives me so much inspiration while writing. I actually have a volcano scene on Lombok in The Amazon and the Beast because of this journey.

What’s my next stop?

Japan… here I come (well, I yet have to book a flight, but any day now!)

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