How to write a 50k first draft in 2 months

One of my goals this year was to up my daily word count. Up until last November, I was writing whenever I was hit by ‘inspiration’. It took me a while to discover there’s no such thing. Writing is, like everything else, just hard work. Sitting my ass behind my laptop and write. Every day. Even if I only write a hundred words and just rewrite the rest of the evening.

So, I took this decision in November, but what did I actually do?

  1. I stopped watching my (or any new) tv shows and I’m even behind the latest season of Supernatural (the sacrifices we make…). It did provide me with a huge amount of extra spare time, though. It gave me more hours to write besides the weekends and evenings. Just think about it. Following about 5 series a week is almost 5 hours spent not writing.
  2. I write every day. Yes, every single day. No excuses. There are days I don’t open my laptop, but even then I write on my phone with the WriterP app. I only discovered this app a few months ago, but it’s already my favourite app.
  3. I stopped putting pressure on my shoulder to write the “perfect” first draft. No, not every sentence I come up with is gold. Nor does it have to be. Liberating my mind like this did wonders for my writing spirit.
  4. I stopped writing in chronological order per se. Yes, I still want to finish chapter 2 before chapter 6, but when a dialogue pops into my mind that belongs in chapter 6, I simply ditch rewriting chapter 2 and add said dialogue to chapter 6.
  5. I discovered Scrivener and switched from Word to Scrivener. Best decision I made this year. Thanks again Joanna Penn for introducing me to Scrivener. ps: this is a great site for indie authors, especially if you are a “baby” indie like me.

These 5 simple changes helped me finish my first draft of 50,000 words – which was my goal to begin with –  in just two months. Now all I have to do is rewrite, which isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but the huge mountain I was facing before… is no more.

One thing I didn’t change? Reading before going to bed 🙂

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